I guess I’ve been deluding myself for an extended amount of time. Having always thought that maybe not being complacent would lead to the betterment of things, relations and my life. My tryst with anxiety apart, what we aren’t majorly told about adult life in general is how we do the same thing in and out, daily for a very long time and it becomes so seemingly mundane that it’s feels like your life is on autopilot cruising through the days. We simply lack the energy and initiative to slow down or contemplate at all about things. It is extremely difficult to actually stop, go back a few steps, or take a step back and have some sort of non trivial self introspection of your life. It’s not that I’m writing this as a result of being overworked or that because I feel lonely, some truths need to be addressed, and it’s not depressing at all to actually come to terms with some of the truths and so forth hope that this knowledge helps us deviate from this autopilot, if not permanently at least once in a while.

Friends and our conversations with them definitely are a way out of this autopilot, which is so scary that sometimes we are just left wondering how a week passed by without us noticing or remembering anything distinctive about it. In our personal aims and resolutions to constantly strive forward and become better, we don’t even appreciate things we have or had. One of the strangest things I find among human habits, is to undermine value of stuff when we possess them be it things, relations or conversations and suffer when they are amiss or are a diminishing resource. It’s not at all weak, or emotional to show some pure selfless gratitude for someone’s existence in your life.

I often feel left out when I see a person who I knew dearly in my yesterdays, weeks, months, years not sharing some info about their lives. The only thing social media does is constantly reinforce how alone we are, by showing how people are “enjoying”. Have you ever observed how in an attempt to distract yourself from something, you turned to social media but just ended up being more frustrated because of posts from people you know and there on. And exactly similarly in conjunction how our days or short term happiness entirely boosts up when we receive a text from someone we know or like, it’s disappointing how we’ve become slaves to the same things which were meant for the betterment of our lives. I think there’s been an increasing trend as to how technologies instead of making us more independent and thereby making our lives easier are more damaging like drugs and get us hooked on to them. Never has been instant gratification more easier than this in human existence, where in you quickly upload a photo of some activity you are doing alone or with friends, and some part of our brain gets elated by the number of likes, or the attention we get through this “post”. I’m not at all making an argument saying this is “wrong” or “right”, I’m just making a case for how we need to accept how it’s damaging us and being conscious of it, this knowledge may not help us stop what we are doing as much as it might help us consciously avoid disappointments.

I’m rehashing the same thing again and again in different paragraphs, while trying to look at our condition through different lenses of thought. After all this exercise of writing might be a rant from a person who feels left out of his friends lives because they chose not to tell him things anymore, because of his continual and permanent vehement dissatisfaction about the state of their relations. But one thing I would like to make a case for is, we essentially need to keep talking to people because that’s one of the only boons we have over the rest of humanity before us, that we are allowed to talk even though we might be thousand of miles away and implore everyone to stop trying to filter information and being selective about what you tell to people you know because in my humble opinion, it’s these trivialities that we need more of.