Hey There,

You just got pawsed, That's exactly why i don't have friends

I’m Pawan Sasanka Ammanamanchi, just completed my senior year in computer and communication(a mutation of computer science) from Manipal Institute of Technology.

This blog is an exercise for me to constantly keep writing about things I think and things I learn, because I want to keep getting better at articulation and I just love to spread ideas that i have.

I spend a lot of time in the deep-learning(A fancier word for Artificial intelligence in current times) space and its influences in health, law and products. I’m really interested in investing, venture capital, personal finance, microeconomics and cryptocurrencies. To be honest, I’m interested in everything, I’ve done courses like Justice from Harvardx to Introduction to Psychology from MIT OCW, it’s just that i currently spend my time actively pursuing the above.

I ultimately aim to be an ideating problem-solver and a builder. I’m pretty bad at the latter and am learning to be better.

There’s a lot of “I”s in this introduction, I’d like to know more about you too and possibly maybe collaborate on projects or research.

What am I Currently doing?

  • Researching in Natural Language Processing in Abstractive Summarization
  • Actively Contributing to the Swift for Tensorflow project.
  • I’m also a part of the ambitious.guide.
  • Completing my Bachelors in Technology from MIT,Manipal. (Will be done in July)
  • Finally, looking for job opportunities/ project collaborations, remote or in-person.

Here’s my Resume. [WILL UPDATE BY 15th JULY 2019]