Money matters, i don’t mean it in the money is important sense but more like different matters of money. I’m interested in Venture capital, Personal Finance, cryptocurrencies and investing and microeconomics (That’s not much really). This section is mostly me writing about things i learn in that space or some retrospective thoughts on small experiments i try to conduct in my daily life.


One skill I’ve always wanted to pick up on has been Valuation. Now this could be the valuation of businesses, cryptocurrencies, assets or going a little bit far fetched, people. This year in 2019, I’ve decided to take the Valuation course by Aswath Damodaran. He offers the same course to both Undergrads and MBA students, I don’t think I will find better resources for the same. I aim to write notes for the class under this tab, also trying to do assignments and other challenges given in the class.


I've always been interested in Microeconomics, it actually pops up everywhere in the modern world. One thing I think microeconomics teaches you is to think about problems within a framework while being wary about various variable and tradeoffs involved thereon. My first stop this year will be the course, MIT 14.01SC Principles of Microeconomics. One thing I aim to achieve by pursuing this course, is also observe how i learn and if MIT courses can be the first stop in Syllabus 2.0. ( Read this for more on syllabus 2.0, Thanks a lot to Dani Grant for the idea.)